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Is This The Podcast?

Oct 29, 2013

Third episode! This week's ideas include Prepwned, Anacon-duh!, Mr McLachlan & Son and Breaking Bros. There is a story about bees that might be the highlight of our collective podcasting careers. Hosted, as always, by Ben Vernel, Tim Clark, Roland Hoffmann, Murphy McLachlan and Peter Jones.


Oct 21, 2013

In our second episode we workshop podcast ideas. Do you see a pattern forming? It might be because the concept of our show is that we bring new concepts for podcasts to each episode, workshop them, do them, and see if we like them. This week's ideas include the titular Talkin' About Walken and Zen At Work. Hosted,...

Oct 13, 2013

The first episode! We workshop podcast ideas, some of which include Wake Me Up Before You Congo, Bros of Anarchy and Black Pantsers. Hosted by Ben Vernel, Tim Clark, Roland Hoffmann, Murphy Mclachlan and Peter Jones.